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Constituţia Estoniei (eng)

Translation into English. Translations into English are officially sanctioned for information
purpose only. Only The Estonian language text has the force of law.

passed by a referendum held on 28 June 1992
1992, 26, 349),
entered into force 3 July 1992,
amended by the following Acts:

12.04.2007 entered into force 21.07.2007 - RT I 2007, 33, 210;
05.10.2003 entered into force 06.01.2004 - RT I 2003, 64, 429;
25.02.2003 entered into force 17.10.2005 - RT I 2003, 29, 174.

With unwavering faith and a steadfast will to strengthen and develop the state,

which is established on the inextinguishable right of the people of Estonia to national
self-determination and which was proclaimed on 24 February 1918,
which is founded on liberty, justice and law,
which shall protect internal and external peace, and is a pledge to present and future
generations for their social progress and welfare,
which shall guarantee the preservation of the Estonian nation, language and culture through the
the people of Estonia, on the basis of § 1 of the Constitution which entered into force in 1938,
and by a referendum held on 28 June 1992, adopted the following Constitution.
(RT I 2007, 33, 210 - entered into force 21.07.2007)

Constituţia Estoniei


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