» » » Constituţia Belgiei (eng)

Constituţia Belgiei (eng)

Title I
On federal Belgium, its components and its territory 7
Title Ibis
On general political objectives of federal Belgium,
the Communities and the Regions 9
Title II
On Belgians and their rights 10
Title III
On powers 16
Chapter I – On the federal Houses 18
Section I – On the House of Representatives 22
Section II – On the Senate 23
Chapter II – On federal legislative power 26
Chapter III – On the King and the Federal Government 29
Section I – On the King 29
Section II – On the Federal Government 31
Section III – On responsibilities 34
Chapter IV – On Communities and Regions 35
Section I – On bodies 35
Sub-section I – On Community and Regional Parliaments 35
Sub-section II – On Community and Regional Governments 37
Section II – On responsibilities 39
Sub-section I – On the responsibilities of the Communities 39
Sub-section II – On the competences of the Regions 41
Sub-section III – Special provisions 42
Chapter V – On the Constitutional Court, and the prevention
and resolution of conflicts 43
Section I – On the prevention of conflicts of competence 43
Section II – On the Constitutional Court 44
Section III – On the prevention and the settlement of
conflicts of interest 446
Chapter VI – On judicial power 45
Chapter VII – On the Council of State and administrative courts 50
Chapter VIII – On provincial and municipal institutions 51
Title IV
On international relations 53
Title V
On finances 55
Title VI
On the armed forces and the police service 58
Title VII
General provisions 59
Title VIII
On the revision of the Constitution 60
Title IX
The entry into force and transitional provisions 63

Constituţia Belgiei


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