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Constituţia Austriei (eng)

Federal Constitutional Law

Table of contents
Chapter I: General Provisions;
European Union
A. General Provisions
B. European Union
Chapter II: Federal Legislation
A. The National Council
B. The Federal Council
C. The Federal Assembly
D. Federal Legislative Procedure
E. Participation of the National Council and of the Federal Council
F. Status of Members of the National Council and the Federal Council
Chapter III: Federal Execution
A. Administration
1. The Federal President
2. The Federal Government
3. The Federal Security Authorities
4. The Federal Army
5. The Federal School Authorities
B. Jurisdiction
Chapter IV: Legislation and Execution
by the Laender
A. General Provisions
B. The Federal Capital Vienna
C. municipalities
Chapter V: Control of Public Accounts and Administration of Public Funds
Chapter VI: Constitutional and Administrative Guarantees
A. Independent Administrative Tribunals in the Laender
B. Independent Federal Asylum Tribunal
C. The Administrative Court
D. The Constitutional Court
Chapter VII: Ombudsman board
Chapter VIII: Final Provisions

Constituţia Austriei


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