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Constituţia Albaniei (eng)

Text approved by referendum on 22 November 1998 and amended on 13 January 2007
Translated under the auspices of OSCE -Albania

We, the people of Albania, proud and aware of our history, with responsibility for the
future, and with faith in God and/or other universal values,

with determination to build a social and democratic state based on the rule of law, and to
guarantee the fundamental human rights and freedoms,

with a spirit of religious coexistence and tolerance,

with a pledge to protect human dignity and personhood, as well as for the prosperity of the
whole nation, for peace, well-being, culture and social solidarity,

with the centuries-old aspiration of the Albanian people for national identity and unity,

with a deep conviction that justice, peace, harmony and cooperation between nations are
among the highest values of humanity.

Constituţia Albaniei


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